3 Overlooked Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

With fall just around the corner along with all the winter holidays, the traffic in your home will likely increase.  As a homeowner, you will do well to consider the many benefits of having a deep professional cleaning of their carpet.  Every year throughout SoCal our team deep cleans thousands of carpets in households.  While many of our customers are concerned with the appearance of their carpet, there are several other benefits of deep carpet cleaning that goes unnoticed.  Below are some of them.

Carpet Cleaning & Trapped Pollutants

Airborne pollutants enter your home every time you open a door or window.  Other pollutants are tracked onto your carpet by your shoes and clothes.  With all of the fires we’ve had recently, there are higher levels of air pollutants that are entering our homes.  The American Lung Association and the Environmental Protection Agency encourage all California residents to take extra precautions to protect the air quality of their homes during and after major wildfires.  Our professional carpet cleaning services extract allergens and pollutants of all types.

Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Dust Mites

Homes throughout California are sealed off well to prevent outside contaminants from entering continuously.  One problem with this strategy is that fresh air suppresses dust iDust mites are hard to detect due to their microscopic size.  Yet, their feces and body fragments are allergens to many.  Dust mites can cause mild to modern reactions to non-allergy sufferers.  Individuals that are allergy prone may have severe reactions such as chronic allergic rhinitis (blocked nasal passages).  Once dust mite harboring carpet is disturbed the allergens are easily airborne and inhaled.  Steam carpet cleaning removes dust mite waste, kills mites, and rides carpet of dead skin cells which mites feed on.

Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mold Growth

Some of our service areas include residences are businesses that are close to the ocean.  Such regions are more prone to moisture.  The extra moisture in the air transforms carpet into incubation farms for mold.  Once molds are tracked on the carpet, they settle and grow within the carpeting.  A regular schedule of bi-annual of quarterly carpet cleaning can prevent molds from overtaking carpet.


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